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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Another busy day in the Garden!

This morning started with rain and it kept sprinkling on and off all day!  The perfect weather to garden in!
It was so much cooler today and I was able to get in about 5 hours of hard labor today!
I moved a bunch of pavers from the neighbors house.  These pavers are heavy.  I can carry one pretty easy, but two is a very hard struggle.  I have to pick them up from the ground, carry them across a soggy area, up a steep hill and across several yards to get to mine.  Since I needed a bunch to finish some projects on my to do list, I just dug in and got busy!  I moved about 30 pavers today.

I was in soo much pain when I was done but here's signs of my progress!!

I laid down some of the bags of leaves the landscapers left for me, and piled pavers on top.

My pumpkins are getting crowded, so I followed my husband's advice and started a second row.  There seems to be even more rocks in this row!

My Golden Trumpets are growing great!  I found a few pics where they are growing vine like so I may start pruning them and seeing what I can get them to do!  It appears the more they get trimmed, the more they flower and thrive!

As far as I can tell these are lady bugs.  They are supposed to be very good for the garden eating aphids in the thousands.  I'm not positive that these are lady bugs though since they don't have the traditional spots.  None of me leaves seems to have bug bites taken out of them, so I'm hopeful!

These are my carrots.  I plan to keep them in this container for the duration of growth.  My ground is very rocky and full of clay so it's too hard to dig deep.  The containers give me the depth that carrots need!

The largest sunflower in my garden.

The largest dill in my garden

The largest Marigold in my garden

My garden is really started to get big.  I decided to take photos of the largest plants.  There is quite a variety of sizes of each plant.  Some are because of time planted, the difference between seed and starter, the type of soil I used, the amount of water and sun, and the location of varies plants that might be shading or sharing valuable root area.

I try to companion plant and one really great site I found was Down To Earth.  Rhonda Hetzel is an experienced gardener and lives a simple life in Australia.  She has a post of  beneficial plants to keep the good bugs a plenty and the bad bugs afar!  I hope you enjoy Down To Earth!

There are many links to other great gardening advice on my pinterest page.  Check it out here at Garden Goodness!

These are my bush cucumbers.  After I thinned them to just 3 plants, they just started growing like crazy!  I can't wait till I see little cucumbers!

The two cherry tomato plants that I was experimenting with by laying sideways and covering with soil didn't work very well for me.  It turned out to be the one of the wettest spots in the garden.  I pulled the first one with no problem, it was completely dead, but the second one surprisingly had roots just inches from where the green was growing!  I might have to try this way again in a dryer location!

But, I had already picked up a few more pepper plants from Home Depot so I had to move them into the garden so I used the old tomato spot.  Here are four Jalapeno plants and I also have one Habanero close to my other peppers.  It already had peppers growing when I bought it, so I'm hoping for great things from this plant!

These are the first signs that my potatoes are growing.  There are seven in this laundry basket and right now I have two green growths showing!

Romaine Lettuce - cutting from store bought produce

Celery - cutting from store bought produce

Bok Choy - cutting from store bought produce

I planted 8 seeds for sweet peas since my 2nd attempt at a flower bed only produced weeds.  I think this is a good use of the space.  Hopefully I will finally have some success now in this area!!

My compost is getting very full!  Lots of kitchen scraps, top soil with all the grass and weeds I dug up to make my garden, branches from trees in my yard, and a few bags of leaves from the landscapers.  I didn't take the time or energy to cut any of these into small enough pieces so this will take much longer to compost.  I might just have to make a second one and wait for this one to break down!

After all the accomplishments I'm very proud of I have to admit that growing cilantro is not working for me.  I have tried it from seed, and from starters from Home Depot.  It seems that it's either getting too much sun, or too much water.

Along with my "flower garden" this is my second plant that after two times, it's just time to move on!

Are there any areas in your garden that just aren't working for you?  Is it time to learn more or just move on?

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