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Sunday, July 29, 2012

And the rain comes down...

I love the rain!  Growing up in Oregon, you either learn to love it or hate it ~ but I have always loved it.  It used to be, when I was a kid, that I couldn't sleep unless it was raining.  The sounds of the rain hitting the roof above my head was restful music to my ears!  

The rains bring life!  Rain is the reason the oceans are so enjoyable, the trees are so green, and my garden is growing!  

Here are my sparkler radishes that were just planted on the 25th of July!  

These have a 25 day harvest, but as you can see from how they're growing, I wasn't aiming on eating too many of them.  I read that they are beneficial to many garden plants, so trying to keep it pesticide free, using companion gardening!

This is my first pumpkin flower.  

These Early Sugar Pumpkin Seeds were planted June 26th, and transplanted July 12th.  I planted the whole package, but not all of them sprouted.  They have a 90 day harvest time.  These should grow to about 8 inches and very round.

As the largest ones were transplanted to my garden, I refilled the pots and planted a few Connecticut Field Pumpkins.  These have an 100 day harvest and grow to about 25 pounds.

My Sunspot Sunflowers are growing fast as well! 

These are a short variety with big heads.  These flowers will grow to about 12 inches in diameter but on stems that are only 18 inches tall!

And here is my Bush Crop Cucumber.  

These have a 60 day harvest growing 6-8 inch fruit on a small bush.  I'm also going to be growing Straight 8 Cucumbers, but I haven't planted any of those seeds yet.

I read a pinterest link about cutting the ends off you store bought celery and placing the end in a bowl of water for it to regrow.  I cut them on July 21st.  This is the evidence that it works after just 3 days.

I also tried my head of Romaine.  Again this pic is after 3 days.  And just today I tried my Bok Choy.  I will keep you up to date on their growth.  I have had success planting my garlic that started growing in my pantry and I hope to plant these greens very soon!

Day 8 for Romaine and celery.  Growing strong! 

I think it's pretty cool they are about the same height!  It's like they're racing!

So what are you growing?  Something from your fridge or pantry?  Something in a pot or in the ground?  Hopefully it's something that brings you joy and reminds you of the joy of life all around us!

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