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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

In the ground...

Today I broke ground and transplanted several plants to start my new vegetable garden.  I have been growing the seedlings and have planted a few pumpkin seedlings, but the pumpkins are in a separate area.

I'm using a number 3 shape with West at the top and North to the right.  My Garden plot will be 16 ft by 16 ft with rows 4 ft wide and walk ways 2 ft across.  Since my dogs like to eat veggies, I'm surrounding it with a 3 ft high chicken wire type fence.  (They're not very tall dogs!)

I started with the tomatoes, I planted one Roma Tomato, and one Cherry Tomato.  I bought both of these from Home Depot as seedlings (2 or 3 inch pots).  I planted next to them some Basil I started from seed and 3 garlic heads that had seeded in my pantry.  On the other side of the tomatoes, I planted 2 radishes I had started from seed, a row of Marigolds seeds and 2 spinach that I started from seed.

After digging up the grass and rocks, I gathered as many worms as I noticed, to keep for my worm compost, (I'm still waiting for the worms I bought online to be delivered!)  I'm afraid to say I cut many big ones in half with the shovel.  I moved several wheel barrels full of the grass and weed clumps to the regular compost.
I added chicken manure, and top soil or garden soil.  I also sprinkled some tomato food, about 3 Tbsp per plant.

On top of the newly planted areas, I laid some ripped up newspaper to fit around the plants and a layer of red bark.  It said on the bag not to put the bark over seedlings or or small plants, so I kept the are around the Marigolds free of mulch.

I ran out of topsoil, so I had to stop for the day and buy some more supplies, but I'm very happy with what I got accomplished today!

My power went out as well, so by the time it came back on it was the next day, hence this post is now being updated with the photos.

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